About UICentre

Message from the Director:

The landscape of drug development has undergone a marked transformation over the past ten years. Attrition rates in drug discovery have been costly, and big pharma has slashed R&D budgets in an effort to de-risk drug development. As a result, the focus of preclinical drug discovery has shifted to academic drug discovery centers. The capabilities and technical expertise of faculty at the University of Illinois make it an attractive environment for such a center.

Drug development is collaborative by nature. Successful projects which begin in systems biology and synthetic chemistry may proceed through a plethora of biomedical disciplines before finishing their journey in clinical pharmacology, toxicology, and drug delivery. The UIC "Collaborative Engagement in Novel Therapeutic Research and Enterprise" (UICentre) seeks to engage in successful drug development in a genuinely collaborative atmosphere.The success or failure of this endeavor rests in the willingness of researchers at UIC to engage in collaborative teams and to capitalize on the capabilities and expertise of both colleagues and external consultants. In the Centre, a multidisciplinary project team will incorporate toxicology, bioavailability, and targeted delivery at the earliest stage of drug discovery. We plan to harness the infrastructure and biomedical expertise at the University of Illinois with the end goal of creating positive outcomes in the clinic to improve human health and benefit society.

Centre Director,

Gregory R. J. Thatcher, Ph.D.
Hans W. Vahlteich Chair of Medicinal Chemistry Professor & Assistant Head for Research
Dept of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy
University of Illinois College of Pharmacy

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