ACT Network

What is the ACT Network?

The ACT Network is a federated data network of leading academic medical centers in the CTSA consortium. This HIPAA-compliant and IRB-approved discovery tool was funded by the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Science to accelerate accrual to clinical trials. Using the online platform, researchers can access de-identified data from over 125 million patient records in real-time.

Who is in the ACT Network?

Currently, 41 leading academic medical research centers are live on the ACT Network. An additional 16 sites staging to connect to ACT in the coming months. Soon, all CTSA sites nationwide will be contributing to the platform.




What can I do with ACT?

  • Explore patient populations in depth and in real time, from a desktop computer
  • Iteratively test and refine inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical studies
  • Confirm and demonstrate feasibility of clinical studies to funders, IRB, etc.
  • Identify potential partners for multi-site studies


How an I access the ACT Network at UIC?

The CCTS’s Biomedical Informatics program is UIC’s front door to the ACT Network. To request network access, please submit an online service request via the CCTS Service Request System

Learn More: CCTS on the ACT Network