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Data Analysis

  • Choosing statistical methods
  • Running statistical tests using statistical software
  • Interpreting Results
  • Modeling

Study Design

  • Choosing type of study (case-control, randomized trial, etc.)
  • Measurement and quality control: The implementation of methods to improve data collection, management, and utilization.
  • Sampling strategy and sample size determination (Power Analysis)
  • Randomization and blinding schemes: Procedures to improve the ability for comparison between like groups, and design schemes to prevent sampling bias.
  • Design of survey instrument

Grant Preparation

  • Responding to reviews: Interpreting critiques of analysis and offering appropriate responses.
  • Writing and reviewing statistical methods section
  • Data Monitoring Plan: Data Safety and Monitoring Plan (DSMP) is an NIH requirement for some clinical research. The DSMP includes risk assessment and a plan for adverse events that may impact participant safety. Biostatistics Core support focuses on plans for the monitoring of data quality and accuracy, while Regulatory Support services can assist with risk assessment.

Genomic & Proteomic Analysis

  • The RRC's Core Genomics Facility (CGF) can provide data analysis and results validation
  • They also offer assistance with experimental design and grant submissions
  • Services must be requested via the RRC

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