CIRTification is a training program in human research protections that is tailored to the unique roles of community research partners. Ideally, this training program will not only teach community research partners about the importance of protecting research participants but also enhance the overall contribution that they are able to make to their respective research teams towards the goal of becoming co-researchers.

CIRTification was developed using a "train-the-trainer" model. Materials provided should be used by a facilitator to train small groups of community research partners. CIRTification materials include:

  • Facilitator Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Participant Workbook

What Makes CIRTification Unique?

CIRTification was designed to substitute for (or supplement) the standard human research protection training required by many institutions and:

  • considers community partners' limited research experience
  • is interactive
  • addresses ethical issues in plain language
  • uses real-world examples
  • focuses on the application of new knowledge
  • incorporates best practices for adult learning
  • includes participatory activities such as brainstorming, case-based discussions, and role playing to provide learners with opportunities to see, hear, discuss, and apply