Clinical Research Center Application Process

Please read the Application Instructions carefully and complete all necessary forms.

Step 1: Initiate a Consultation

Investigators wishing to access CRC services and resources must initiate the process by contacting Maryann Holtcamp or Charity Ball via email or call 312-996-2937. Consultation with the CRC staff is encouraged as investigators design their study and complete the CRC application.

During the initial consultation, please be prepared to provide the CRC with a brief protocol summary and itemization of the services and resources you anticipate using. Protocol evaluations are based on availability of CRC resources and appropriateness for implementation in the CRC.

Contact with CRC Staff should be made prior to submission of the protocol to the IRB. If a protocol is already IRB approved, the investigator should submit the full IRB approved protocol and most recent IRB approval letter to Maryann Holtcamp or Charity Ball.

After initial consultation, details regarding cost estimates for requested services can be discussed in detail.

Step 2: Complete IRB Requirements

a) Complete Appendix G- CCTS Clinical Research Center Approval Form

All research projects planning to use the CRC are required to be reviewed and approved by CRC leadership. This approval form must be submitted with your IRB application (initial or continuing review) or via amendment.

b) Add the Clinical Research Center to Appendix P- List of Research Personnel

Download Appendix G

General use of CRC services

Note that CRC staff will be added to your App P as a group instead of as individuals. In the last name field, enter “CRC Personnel” and enter “Protocol 2009-0126” as the first name. Choose “Key Research Personnel" as the role.   Under ‘Study Tasks’ select ‘Other’ and enter “As outlined in Appendix G.”

CRC services considered higher level functions including consenting or APN services

Complete as above and in addition, add the individual names of the CRC staff member(s) that will complete these specific services.  CRC leadership can assist to identify and provide needed information.

Use of CRC space only

If CRC staff will have no direct interaction with your research participants, we are not considered key research personnel and therefore do not need to be added to your Appendix P.  

Download Appendix P Instructions

Step 3: Confirm IRB Approval

Documentation of IRB approval is required before a study is initiated in the CRC. As soon as IRB approval is provided, a copy of the signed IRB approval letter should be submitted to the CRC.

Radioactive Materials Policy

Please review the CRC's radioactive material policy if applicable.

Download Radioactive materials policy