Dissemination & Implementation Research & Policy Services

Working in collaboration with the CCTS Recruitment, Retention and Community Engagement programs, the Dissemination and Implementation Research and Policy Program seeks to provide the following services to the extensive pool of UIC researchers who address the health needs of the community, and especially the health needs of our urban youth. These services, as identified by the requesting investigators and planned with the Dissemination and Implementation Research and Policy team, include but are not limited to the following:

Evidence-Informed Public Health Dissemination Graphic

  • Consultative services on research and policy issues
  • Educational programs and events
  • Training materials and workshops
  • Community engagement and education
  • Collaborative partnership identification and building with community and policy stakeholders




These services will utilize the most current implementation and dissemination models and practices as the foundation for the work, including:

  • Preparing UIC researchers and community and public policy stakeholders for the use of evidence-based practices
  • Building the capacity for UIC researchers to develop interventions that can be implemented more effectively and sustained in community settings
  • Sustaining evidence-based practices in educational and community settings through the theory-guided principles of dissemination and implementation research