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CIRTification Curriculum Download

To download any portion of the curriculum, please click the links below and save the file to your computer. Due to the large file size we are unable to upload .PPT versions of the presentation to our website. If you would like a PPT version of either presentation please email

Online Version- Coming Summer 2019!

Email Dr. Emily Anderson to learn more about the online version of the training program.

English Version

Facilitator Manual
Participant Workbook
PowerPoint Presentations (PDF only)

En Español*

Participant Workbook
PowerPoint Presentations (PDF only)

*CIRTification materials have been translated into Spanish by Juliana Munoz and Ana Espinoza at Georgetown University with additional input from Nerida Berrios, Amparo Castillo, Wendy Choure, and Veronica Garcia at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Informed Consent in Action

"Informed Consent in Action" is a 60-minute training DVD designed to demonstrate best practices for recruiting participants and obtaining informed consent in community-based research. Five experienced community research partners share lessons learned. Vignettes show what community-based research looks like, and group discussions highlight key points and raise issues for further discussion.

The Facilitator Guide summarizes each segment of the DVD and provides discussion questions and key summary points for each vignette. Additional discussion questions are also provided for use in conjunction with study protocol-specific training.

Informed Consent in Action DVD Facilitator Guide

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  1. Introduction
  2. Process of Recruitment
  3. Information
  4. Alternatives
  5. Understanding
  6. Voluntariness
  7. Advice
  8. Credits