How to Use the Resource Repository

The Resource Repository is a database of CCTS, University of Illinois, National Institutes of Health, and federal translational research services and resources. 

Website users can run a database query by entering a service, resource, or keyword into the search bar. Unlike searching the website using the magnifying lens icon, searching the repository will return a listing of potential resource matches for your query.  Clicking an individual search result will provide a brief description, contact information and/or an associated webpage to learn more.

For example, running a search for “REDCap” returns a REDCap description page and associated training videos. Selecting the first option for the description page provides the user with a summary of what REDCap is and how to learn more, set up an account, or log into the software application. It will also tell you what translational phase(s) the resource correlates with as well as associated CCTS service cores.

Users who are unsure of their specific needs can search translational resources by their associated CCTS core or by where they would fall on the translational spectrum (i.e., T1 for drug discovery or T4 for community engagement).

If your search offers no results, or if you would like to add a resource to our database, please contact Lauren Walsh at