Pilot Grant Program

Pilot studies are essential for enhancing the rigor of clinical translational research, improving internal and external study validity, encouraging novel research directions and collaborations, and helping prevent poorly executed or futile studies. Moreover, pilot funding can also drive innovation through a strong emphasis on novel collaborations.

Through the Pilot Grant Program, the CCTS seeks to promote internal and external collaborations and innovation by supporting projects that bridge disciplines across the translational spectrum and create thematic teams of researchers, positioning them for large-scale and multi-site collaborative studies.

CCTS grant funding metrics

      The goals of the CCTS grants are:

      • To foster outstanding new clinical and translational research at UIC by supporting the development of preliminary data that can be used to launch new NIH or other externally-funded research proposals;
      • To encourage interdisciplinary teams of investigators to develop collaborations or new research avenues;
      • To promote interactions between basic and clinical scientists; and
      • To support research collaborations with community partners and organizations.

      The CCTS Pilot Grant Program serves a vital function in advancing translational research by funding a combination of broad translational and multidisciplinary projects and targeted priority areas as identified by the CTSA Program, such as pediatric research, community based research, health information technology, focused drug discovery, and population health. 

        AY16-17 Pilot Grant Awardees

        AY17-18 Pilot Grant Awardees

        AY18-19 Pilot Grant Awardees