Recruitment & Retention

The Recruitment & Retention program seeks to help investigators meet their study recruitment goals by providing high quality education, training, and consultation. Our evidence-based participant engagement approaches can support a broad range of clinical and community-based research studies by:

  1. Improving investigators’ culturally sensitive communication, dissemination, and implementation skills regarding evidence-based health programs, research methods, recruitment and retention engagement plans, study objectives, research ethics, and informed consent
  2. Increasing engagement and overcoming barriers with disparity populations including racial/ethnic minorities, immigrants, LGBT, low-income, and rural communities, and to disseminate study findings in culturally relevant ways
  3. Supporting capacity building for academic and community partners to engage in community-based research and influence clinical science research towards addressing social determinants of health that are relevant to local and regional communities. 

The Recruitment & Retention program also aims to maintain linkages to and an active presence on key university and community boards and work-groups with complementary goals, as well as participate in the design and development of initiatives of mutual interest, such as the Community Engagement Advisory Board (CEAB), Chicago Consortium for Community Engagement (C3), CIRTification, Community Health Worker Trainings, and the Healthy City Collaborative.