Recruitment & Retention Resources

Recruitment Toolbox

The CCTS's Recruitment Toolbox provides researchers and staff easy access to tools and resources in order to create recruitment flyers, announcements, and advertisements for study recruitment and enrollment. 

Toolbox resources include recruitment flyer templates, community health worker trainings, and target population toolkits for research focusing on under-represented communities. 

Target Populations Toolkit

The Target Populations Toolkit is primarily a resource for researchers who would like to work with populations facing health disparities and underrepresentation in research. Some examples of the audience include researchers who have experience with other populations and would like to expand to these groups, as well as people who may be relatively new to research (students, research assistants, new faculty, etc.). By using this toolkit, we hope to encourage researchers to work with these populations, increasing these populations’ participation in research. We also hope researchers will use this information as a springboard to do further reading and investigation into best practices.