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The REDCap Team hosts monthly open Q&A sessions about anything campus users would like to discuss about REDCap's capabilities and features. See the Events page for details on upcoming sessions. 

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REDCap-created Training Resources (log in using your REDCap username and password)

CCTS's "Introduction to REDCap" May 2019 (Download PowerPoint PDF)

REDCap Practice Workshop


Tutorial Documents


Copying Projects and Forms
Users can copy a project or form in order to make a backup and keep the original production project safe and unchanged before making critical changes, or to reproduce some data collection process.

Date Difference Calculation
Using datediff function in a REDCap calculated field, the interval between two entered dates can be calculated. It is useful to calculate the participant’s age from the entered date of birth, or to validate the entered date values. The datediff function can also be used in branching logics.

Data Entry Trigger (DET)
This plugin sends email notifications when new records are added based on conditional logics. 

SMS Survey Invitations
REDCap has the capability to make voice calls and send SMS text messages to survey respondents by using a third-party web service named Twilio ( In this way, you could invite a participant to take a survey by sending them an SMS message or by calling them on their phone, in which the data would be collected in REDCap directly from their phone without having to use a webpage. 

Practice Sheets

The practice sheets below were created to help new REDCap users learn all basic features of creating a project in REDCap. Please try the first document that provides a task in creating a project. The second document will provide screenshots and step by step guidance to complete each task.

This practice will require full access rights to create a project. If you do not have full access rights, please submit a request through the CCTS Service Request System. If you still have questions after completing this workshop, please contact the CCTS REDCap Support team via email at

REDCap Practice Workshop: Basic Features

REDCap Practice Workshop: Basic Features- Answer Key