Research Participant Recruitment Services

The CCTS can help achieve your research volunteer recruitment goals. The following services can help with recruitment strategies- including best practices for engagement, linking with community groups, and identifying cohorts within the UI Health system through Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Investigators can also recruit through ResearchMatch, which interfaces with

Community Engagement Consultation

CCTS consultants offer evidence-based community engagement approaches, as well as dissemination and implementation plans, that promote community engagement and further recruitment. Our team of experts provide one-to-one consultations services focusing on research methods, recruitment and retention plans, using culturally appropriate engagement strategies and identifying and overcoming barriers to participant engagement.   

UIC CIRCLE Clinical Data Extracts

Researchers may retrieve data extracts from the Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) through UIC CIRCLE support. 

Both de-identified and identifiable extracts are available, dependent upon particular researcher needs and IRB authorizations. Consultations are available to assist with determining requirements and preparing IRB documents, choosing appropriate inclusion and exclusion criteria, establishing the best use of available data, etc. Secure data transfer and storage mechanisms will be provided.

ResearchMatch: An Online Platform for Research Volunteers, an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) initiative, is an online registry that connects people interested in volunteering for clinical trials with investigators looking for research participants. ResearchMatch (RM) has a simple goal – to bring together two groups of people who are looking for one another: (1) people who are trying to find research studies, and (2) researchers who are looking for people to participate in their studies.  It is a free and secure registry that has been developed by major academic institutions across the country who want to involve you in the mission of helping today’s studies make a real difference for everyone’s health in the future.

RM Highlights

  • Disease-neutral registry that includes healthy volunteers
  • 111 institutions and 41 partners increase access to a wide variety of research participants
  • Exclusive access- only RM institutions have access to registry volunteers
  • Condition Connections- such as anxiety and depression, autism and IBD-  create subregistries for more precise matches
  • Interfaces with to increase recruitment potential
  • Pre-screening capabilities with IRB-approved REDCap survey

Learn more about how ResearchMatch can benefit your study

What does the researcher have to do to use the registry?

Anyone from UIC can browse the website and complete a feasibility assessment. This helps a study team determine if RM has sufficient numbers of the type of potential volunteer sought. Before getting started, you should review the Researcher FAQs developed by the RM team.

How does the research team learn how to use ResearchMatch?

  1. RM's Researcher Video Tutorials: Accessible from your account dashboard
  2. CCTS’s ResearchMatch User Guide
  3. Contact a CCTS regulatory specialist for assistance with the IRB approval, or contact a recruitment specialist to find out how to best utilize the tool to increase volunteer numbers.

What should I include in my grant application if I intend to use the registry?

The following should be added to your IRB submission in order to use ResearchMatch: will be used as one of the recruitment tools for this research study/protocol. ResearchMatch Volunteers will be contacted through Included with this submission is a study recruitment message that will be sent to potential study volunteers.

Additional template language is available in the ResearchMatch User Guide.

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