UI Health Biorepository

The UI Health Biorepository acquires, stores, catalogues, and provides tissue and other biological samples for investigators at the University of Illinois. It was established in 2012 as a resource in the UI Hospital and Health Sciences System to augment clinical and translational research and improve the treatment and health of individuals from Chicago, Illinois, and beyond.

The facility manages a centralized, secure, and 24/7-monitored freezer farm for biological storage, a centralized lab facility for processing and analysis, and the acquisition of biospecimens through PI-initiated studies. Any biospecimens remaining after analysis from PI-initiated studies can then be used for any unspecified future use if approved by a research oversight board. An Honest Broker is on staff to help with control and access to patient information.

The UI Health Biorepository offers biological sample storage as its main service. In addition, Biorepository can also:

  • Process whole blood for DNA and RNA extraction
  • Isolate plasma, serum, or PBMCs from whole blood
  • Store blood, urine, semen, and tissue samples at low-temperature storage units
  • Create project databases for future usage

We are always strongly encouraging all of our users to consider donating a small portion or leftover sample to the Biorepository database, which is made available to all researchers, which helps the research society as a whole.

The UI Health Biorepository is a collaborative effort between UI Health, the UIC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Research Resource Center and the UI Cancer Center. The CCTS provides support for the Biorepository through collaboration with its Biomedical Informatics Core and the Clinical Research Data Warehouse.

Contact Information

For tissue related questions please contact Dr. Klara Valyi-Nagy, klaravn@uic.edu or (312) 996-0029

For all other than tissue related services, please contact Nicolas Perez, nperez3@uic.edu