The UIC Clinical Information Repository for Cohort Learning and Exploration (UIC CIRCLE) refers to the patient data repository & the consultation, data request, and data delivery service provided to UIC researchers. “UIC CIRCLE” consists of the process of working closely with researchers and utilizing segments of the CRDW’s Research Patient Repository (RPR) in order to fulfill requests for clinical data extracts and to ensure the secure transfer and storage of sensitive data.

Currently Available Data Elements

  • Patient demographic information
  • General visit descriptions
  • Diagnoses information
  • Procedure information
  • Vitals (blood pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • General patient information (height, weight, BMI, etc.)
  • Lab tests  
  • Lab results
  • Medication orders

Explanation of Data Request and Data Set Types

Aggregate Counts (1) - Assistance in obtaining general counts of clinical data (i.e. the number of patients seen for a particular condition, etc.) Some counts requests can be achieved through the self-service system – QUICKSet.

Clinical Data Extracts (2-6) - Assistance in obtaining complex sets of clinical data for a study, such as identifiable patient information or specific queries on particular cohorts.

Data Set Request Types (1-6)

IRB and Data Agreement Documentation

The table below can be utilized to determine the documentation, such as IRB approvals and data usage agreements, that are required for each type of data request. 

IDUA= Internal Data Usage Agreement - provided by BI Core team prior to data delivery
DRA= Data Request Authorization Form - sent to requestor electronically and often requires IRB stamp of approval

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