UIC's Hub for Clinical & Translational Research

In August 2016, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) received $17.7 million in continued funding from the National Institutes of Health to translate scientific discoveries into better health and better medicine, and to conduct innovative clinical and translational research. 

Sculpture in front of outpatient clinic and college of medicine

UIC’s CCTS was first funded by the NIH in 2009 as part of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program. The CTSA network of over 60 medical research institutions- known as hubs- seek to accelerate the research process, enabling scientific discoveries to reach patients and populations faster. 

This unique hub structure enables research teams to tackle scientific and operational challenges in clinical and translational research that are best addressed by collaborative work. CTSA hubs work together locally and nationally to catalyze innovation in training, research tools and best research processes. 

As UIC’s hub for clinical and translational health research, the CCTS seeks to improve population health, particularly among minorities and underserved populations. As one of the few U.S. universities with the full range of health science colleges- including the largest medical college in the country- UIC has provided fertile ground for the establishment and growth of the CCTS.

Over the next four years, the UIC CCTS will continue to build on its key strengths, including:

  • Developing a diverse clinical translational workforce that can address today's complex health problems
  • Collaborating and engaging a broad range of stakeholders both locally and nationally, and
  • Integrating research discoveries across the full spectrum of clinical science from basic biology to population approaches to reduce disease and improve quality of life.

These strengths will allow UIC researchers to make real-world advances in health and health care. 

Leading the CCTS are Co-Directors Drs. Robin Mermelstein and Larry Tobacman. As well-established, internationally recognized senior investigators with a track record of high NIH funding, they provide the leadership necessary to create effective research collaborations.

The CCTS also draws upon the broad expertise of its program directors whose academic appointments span multiple colleges, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Applied Health Sciences, Urban Planning and Public Affairs, and Public Health. Together, they are committed to UIC’s mission to serve the city of Chicago as the premier urban-serving public research university in the United States.