Urban Youth

Urban Youth Population Overview

This toolkit provides information and resources to researchers working with urban youth populations.

Download the Urban Youth Priority Population Toolkit

Toolkit Sections

I. Historical and Current Issues

A description of the history of research with the population, along with special considerations for working with the Urban Youth population

II. Health and Research Practice

Links to articles describing best practices for providing healthcare and conducting research with the Urban Youth population

III. National and Local Data

Links to sources of data about the Urban Youth population

IV. Ethical and Regulatory Issues

A description of the issues related to ethics and regulations within the Urban Youth population, including submitting to the IRB

V. Recruitment and Retention Best Practices

Key considerations for bringing Urban Youth into a study and retaining them

VI. Recruitment Templates

Links to existing outreach materials targeting the Urban Youth population

VII. Community Engagement Resources

National and local organizations working on issues related to the Urban Youth population

VIII. Researchers at UIC and the C3 Working on the Issue

Investigators at UIC, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago conducting research with the Urban Youth population

IX. Measuring Instruments

Links to surveys and other measuring tools specifically made or tailored for the Urban Youth population

X. Program Announcements for Grants

Links to funding opportunities from the NIH and other organizations to conduct research with the Urban Youth population

XI. Community Stakeholder Involvement

Resources to community groups and individuals who would like to get involved with Urban Youth research 

XII. Team Readiness to Work with Special Populations

This section helps research teams evaluate how ready they are to work with the the Urban Youth population