Faculty Development Workshop: "Writing Accountability Groups"

Sponsoring Department: 
Kimberly Skarupski, PhD, MPH Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Associate Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University, and Kharma Foucher, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology & Nutrition, College of Applied Health Sciences, UIC
Event Time: 
9:00am - 12:30pm
Event Location: 
Student Center West, 828 S Wolcott Ave, 2nd Floor Thompson Room C
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WAG Your Work! Increase your writing productivity through Writing Accountability Groups


  • Do you worry that you aren’t publishing enough?
  • Do you struggle to find time to write regularly?
  • Have you been scooped by other investigators because you were late getting your paper published?
  • Do you stare at the computer screen not knowing how to complete that manuscript?

It’s time to address your writing challenges and learn how to get those papers out the door!

At the end of this workshop you will have identified your barriers to stress-free productive writing, have a strategy to conquer those barriers, and have the opportunity to join your own WAG (Writing Accountability Groups). WAGgers report increased writing productivity, greater control over the writing process, improved goal-setting and time management, and a sense of community with new colleagues and friends.