Professional Development Workshop: “Get Ready to Negotiate”

Sponsoring Department: 
CCTS Research Education and Careers in Health (REACH) Program
Joanna Lipo-Zovic, JD, Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Adjunct Professor, Marquette University Law School
Event Time: 
12:20pm - 1:20pm
Event Location: 
UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, Rooms 714 & 715
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For many, the word negotiation conjures up images of uncomfortable salary negotiations or business executives hammering out of high-stake contracts to win as much as they can while making as few concessions as possible. The truth is that we negotiate all the time. We use negotiation to decide priorities at our workplace and to settle differences in our friendships. This workshop is designed to demystify negotiation and help participants incorporate a structured preparation process to foster better communication and ultimately better outcomes.