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    Before starting and during your research, there are training requirements that must be completed. Training


    Consider funding opportunities when thinking about your research idea. UIC has many opportunities to obtain funding for your project, as well as information on external funding options. Funding


    Some argue that the most important aspect of a research study is its design. Thinking through each step of the research process allows investigators to determine where additional resources may be needed, identify potential deficits in the study plan, and make changes to strengthen a proposal prior to its submission. Proposal Development


    Working through the Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR), the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACC) helps you comply with federal regulations, state laws and University policies regarding the involvement of animals in research. Regulatory Research Requirements


    The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) supports the business and financial operations of the University and assists units in their daily operations- including research studies. In research, OBFS is active in the Post-Award period. Common OBFS tasks include setting up anticipation and project accounts, and budgets in Banner. Award/Contract Processing & Acceptance


    UIC has specific personnel who receive, negotiate and accept industry sponsored research awards or contracts on behalf of you and the university.Industry Sponsored Research


    Award administration begins with your notification of the award and continues until the financial and technical closeout of your grant or contract is complete. Administering Research


    Assistance and guidance is available to help you operationalize and carry-out your research protocol. Conducting Research


    Numerous policies govern the management of data and records. The University offers a variety of resources to help you manage your data. Data & Records


    The University encourages your pursuit of scientific understanding and innovation. Services are available to encourage that innovation, help you prepare and publish your study and/or facilitate effective management, transfer, and commercialization of UIC technologies and your intellectual property. Results & Dissemination


    Research responsibilities do not end when results are published. You still have financial, final progress, and invention/patent reports as well as contractual responsibilities to complete. Award Closeout Procedures

    ORS Training & Education

Before starting and during your research, there are training requirements that must be completed for human, animal and lab research.

Conducting research that involves humans, cells, animals and funding or oversite from government agencies such as HHS/PHS/NIH/FDA generally requires training of the research personnel. Departments within the UIC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) provide training opportunities and resources for Investigators and senior/key research personnel to meet training requirements.  

Office of Research Services (ORS)

The Office of Research Services (ORS) provides training and supports faculty and staff involved in sponsored program activities and research administration.  Sponsored program education is often a combined effort among centralized units such as ORS, the Office of Grants and Contracts (GCO) and various other regulatory offices engaged in the research administration process.

Samples of ORS topics include:

Compliance Basics - Offers an introduction to the principles of business and financial information needed to ensure compliant management of sponsored awards. The learner will examine resources to strengthen their knowledge of how to adhere to the requirements of the federal regulations, agency requirements, and university policies.

NIH Career Development K-Award Funding - This training course is intended to reach all investigators and administrators who have obtained NIH Career Development K-Award funding. From the grant management perspective, many situations are not black and white and not all post-award questions are answered in the NIH Grant Policy Statement.

The terms of K-awards vary from program to program, from agency to agency, and even from award to award. Therefore, the terms of the individual K-awards should govern the administration of these types of awards.

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