UICentre Letter of Intent & Request for Applications

Dr. Laura J. Bloem
Post date: 
August 5, 2019


UICentre is a campus-wide drug discovery group that is part of the UIC Center for Translational and Clinical Science (CCTS).  As part of a new initiative, the group is seeking new collaborations for High Throughput Screening (HTS).  UICentre has purchased a new small molecule custom library composed of 8000 fully annotated bioactive compounds targeting therapeutically relevant proteins and signaling pathways. In addition to the custom library, we have access to the ReFRAME library from Scripps Research Institute.  This collection of known biologically active molecules and drugs prepared by Calibr, a non-profit drug discovery division at Scripps, was designed to be evaluated for potential repurposing. The objective of this RFA is to identify translational projects that can benefit from screening against these new libraries, or our standard 20,000 compound library from ChemDiv. 

The goal of UICentre is to add value to translational projects that provide opportunities in small molecule drug discovery.  Projects can be at several stages: proteomic-driven target identification; novel bioassay development; hit-finding using HTS; hit-to-lead optimization; or DMPK studies to inform proof-of-concept animal studies. For this RFA, UICentre is prepared to support bioassay development, HTS of selected libraries and medicinal chemistry support to interpret and verify screen results. Further project support may flow from the CCTS.

Please submit a one page LOI containing:

  1. Brief description of target biomolecule, pathway, biomarker, or methodology.
  2. Identity of bioassay to be used for HTS
  3. Identity of any small molecule hit identified to date.
  4. Identify assays available for use as counter-screen to demonstrate compound specificity  
  5. Identity of animal model for future proof of concept.
  6. Novelty in target/indication/assay/methodology (advantage over competition).
  7. Clinician collaborators that may be involved at present or in future.
  8. Title of invention disclosure and OTM assigned contact.
  9. Source and availability of matching funds.

Forward the completed LOI to Dr. Laura J. Bloem by September 27, 2019.

LOI’s will be reviewed by a panel of faculty associated with the Cancer Center, UICentre, and OTM tech managers.
If UICentre is able to add value to the research, the PI will be requested to present to the UICentre team of scientists.