CCTS Evaluation and Tracking

Program Description

The Evaluation and Tracking program within the CCTS is focused on the utilization, quality, and productivity of research activities within UIC. The program tracks and monitors service use, user characteristics, and outcomes such as publications, grants, and collaborations. Program evaluations, satisfaction surveys, and needs assessments have been conducted over time to examine the impact of CCTS services on outcomes. Structured feedback is provided to the CCTS leadership and its programs and services to inform decision-making.

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  • Continue to effectively track and evaluate CCTS activities and examine their impact on research within the health and social sciences and bioengineering.
  • Maintain and improve data collection and analysis systems necessary to provide timely evaluation reporting to CCTS Leadership and Programs and Services.

Evaluation Team

Tim Johnson, PhD, Core Director

Professor Johnson's main areas of expertise include survey methodology and health behaviors in disadvantaged populations. Within the field of survey methodology, his work has focused primarily on sources of measurement and nonresponse error. His measurement error work is concerned with cultural variability in the cognitive processing of survey questions, an area in which much of his work has been invested over the past decade. He has also conducted numerous investigations designed to validate self-reported health information. His work on nonresponse error has been directed at developing new methods for identifying the effects of nonresponse mechanisms on the quality of survey estimates, as well as the development and testing of new approaches to adjusting for nonresponse bias.

Jackie Soo, ScD, Assistant Director

Jackie Soo is the Assistant Director of the Evaluation and Tracking Program. She received her Doctor of Science from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where her research focused on food advertising, food policy, and nutrition. One of her major projects evaluated the impact of placing warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages, and their effects on consumer perceptions of the beverage and intention to purchase. At the CCTS, she supports the implementation of the Common Metrics Initiative and works with Core leadership to continually assess the utilization and quality of the various services and resources provided by the Center.