Frequently asked administrative questions and answers

Service Eligibility

Who is eligible for CCTS services?

Any UIC, University of Illinois (Peoria or Urbana-Champaign), or Jesse Brown VA faculty or staff member conducting health research is eligible for CCTS services. Those requesting a CCTS service must create an account using their institutional email address in order to be authenticated in the online workflow system.

I am an investigator at an outside institution, can I request CCTS services?

At times UIC investigators will collaborate with researchers from other institutions, in which case the CCTS can provide service. However, health researchers from outside institutions who are not collaborating with a UIC investigator are not eligible for services.


Is there a charge for CCTS services?

The initial one-hour consultation for any CCTS service is always free of charge. Beyond that, certain CCTS cores charge based on an hourly rate or, in the instance of the Clinical Research Center, based on the extent of the project protocol.

The CCTS can subsidize the hourly rate based on the research project’s funding source. Funding sources include department or start-up funds, institutional career development awards, federal or foundation grants, etc. Investigators will receive a service estimate after the initial consultation, which they must approve for the CCTS consultant to begin work on their project.

If you have questions about the fee structures, please contact or call 312-413-7316.

How do you determine your funding source?

Your funding source is specific to the project you are working on, and some projects may have multiple sources. For example, a campus investigator may have department start-up funds but also an NIH grant for their research. In this case, the investigator should reference the source that will provide the highest level subsidy until the funds expire.

I just received grant funding, what should I do to ensure the best rate for services?

Congratulations! You can update your project’s profile in the online workflow system. Investigators and their Co-PIs or delegates can edit the project information at any time. Simply click on the project title hyperlink from the account homepage, and then select “Click here to update the project’s funding, grant and/or IRB information.” Please be aware that the system does not save old project information; be sure that any updated information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

My grant funding is expiring, what happens to my projects with the CCTS?

The CCTS can provide research services without grant funding. Many services are free of charge, and billable services can be provided at a different subsidy level. Investigators are encouraged to talk to their department or division business administrator about options for internal support.

Investigators should also update this information in the online workflow system. After logging in, click on the project title hyperlink from the account homepage, and then select “Click here to update the project’s funding, grant and/or IRB information.”

Can students, residents, and fellows receive free services?

The CCTS is available to students and trainees as a resource to answer questions. However, CCTS consultations are not intended to replace the role of an advisor or classroom instruction. If you have a question on your research project, you can request a one-hour free consultation by registering as a CCTS user and submitting a service request through our online workflow system. If you require assistance beyond the first hour, certain fees may apply.

Citing the CCTS

How do I cite the CCTS in a grant or publication?

The National Institutes of Health requires that investigators cite the CTSA grant if they received funding through the CTSA or used any CCTS services to support their research. The CCTS relies on these citations as a critical performance measure when reporting annual productivity to NIH.

If you used CCTS services, facilities or tools, including REDCap, the following text is recommended:

“The project described was supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through Grant UL1TR002003. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.”

Do you have template language available describing CCTS facilities, services, and resources for grant applications?

Investigators often request language to describe the CCTS and/or a specific service or resource for inclusion in a grant application. The CCTS Overview and Service Core Description provides the necessary information for most applications.  If you require more in-depth information, please contact or call 312-413-7316.

We also have a description of the UIC Institutional Environment and Facilitites that many grant writers find useful.