Establishing Your Account

Before establishing your REDCap account, please read the UIC CCTS's REDCap "Terms of Use" document. By logging into the UIC REDCap application, each user is agreeing to these policies. 


NOTICE: If you are collecting data for the purposes of human subjects research, review and approval of the project is required by your Institutional Review Board.

REDCap is managed by UIC's Center for Clinical and Translational Science. To request a REDCap account, please follow these instructions:

  1. If a REDCap account is needed only to access an existing project without the full user rights of creating or copying projects, please send the user's full name and email address to
  2. If a REDCap account is needed with full user rights to create and copy projects, first register as a new CCTS user through the Online Service Request System
  3. From your CCTS account homepage, click on the "New Project Service Request" link in the upper right corner, then select the second option for REDCap account setup only.
  4. List yourself as the PI, as this is an isolated service request, enter any project details and click "Proceed" to submit.
  5. Congratulations! Your REDCap account request has been submitted. A CCTS representative will contact you with information on additional training tools and opportunities, as well as your new REDCap username and password.